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 Haven-Caister 2011

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PostSubject: Haven-Caister 2011   Fri Apr 15, 2011 6:51 pm

i saw u guys at haven- caister and i thought u were amazing!!!!
im so glad i got to meet u after the gig aswell as that made my holiday Smile
i liked how u did loads of different songs and made sure u included everyone xxx
at the meet and greet u were so nice as we came in a big group and we were all soo excited...
I brought ur new album aswell which i totally amazing and havent stopped listening to it since i brought it!!! Smile Smile
im definatly gooing to be buying tickets to come watch u guys somewhere else hehehe even if that means travelling somewhere far away just to see u guys.......
And thanks for that tweet the over day before the gig it really made me super excited...
and i have to say ive never meet anyone as nice as u guys and hu are so full of energy...people say that they never meet anyone with more energy than me and hu never stops smiling but then i tell them to meet u haahahaha xxxx I LOVE HOW YOUR ALWAYS SMILING!!! Smile
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Haven-Caister 2011
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